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Notes and Credits

Penformer, a project by @TheMachinumps

Thank you so much for the support you have been giving recently, it's unbelievable! This project is my most popular project, and it wasn't even featured or curated (it was top loved though)!

Share your levels here (Please read the first post!):
(That forum also has a FAQ. If you have a question, then make sure to read that first)

If I like a level, then it might become a main level =) Credits will be given!

NOTE: I'm sorry if I don't reply to your comments. It doesn't look all that great to see tonnes of replies by the same person in one project, so, from now on, I will ONLY reply to users that ask questions.

Inspiration - @-Nova-, @Griffpatch
Script - @TheMachinumps
Artwork - 100% pen (except the thumbnail and intro)
Fonts - Couture, Ubuntu
Music -
- Thompson (aka Motive) - Stay high [Intro]
- Domastic - Weird Dream

- 1: An easy start (TheMachinumps)
- 2: Levels (TheMachinumps)
- 3: Tricky jumps (TheMachinumps)
- 4: Introducing, blue things! (TheMachinumps)
- 5: Back and forth (TheMachinumps)
- 6: As a square... (TheMachinumps)

- Use the arrow keys to move around.
- Press the <ENTER> key to exit from the current level.

- Grey - solid
- Green - bounce
- Red - hazard
- Blue - checkpoint
- Yellow - goal
- Transparent orange - non-solid

Editor instructions can be seen over here:

Since this is still in development, I would love to see some suggestions from you!

- Solid and non-solid ground -
- Hazards -
- Bouncy platforms -
- Diagonal platforms with working collision -
- Player can have the shape of any polygon, and still have proper collision
- Player rotates when moving -
- Player can wall-jump -
- Moving platforms -
- Level goal -
- Fade in and fade out transitions -
- Smooth Scrolling -
- Level Code Loader (from encrypted code, can go over the "character limit") -
- Main Level Selector -
- Level editor - NEW
- Preview of Moving platform's trajectories (editor) -
- Checkpoints -
- Main levels (6) -
- WASD Keys support -
- Settings Menu -
! Main levels (All of them, unknown) !

(Features that are between - are present on the current public version, features that are between * aren't present on the latest public release, but are present on a private, WIP, release. Features between ! are just ideas, and aren't features yet)

NOTE: When I'm talking about the character limit, I'm talking about the join block's character limit. If the real length of two strings joined together is greater or equal to 10240, then the outcome will be cut to fit the limit of 10240 characters. If a list block is used, that limit can be surpassed.

Development log:

- Release Version 1 - Added settings menu and WASD keys support! Changed the music and updated the Intro as well.

- Beta Version 1 - Added some features (checkpoints and moving platforms trajectories preview on editor) and more levels!

- Alpha Version 3 - Fixed bugs, added a "skip intro" option and changed the "non-solid" platforms colour
- Alpha Version 2 - Added a delete toggle on the editor.
- Alpha Version 1.5 - Reduced lag on levels
- Alpha Version 1 - Added the editor and removed most of the lag!

- Pre-Alpha Version 3 - Added new features!
- Pre-Alpha Version 2 - Added new features!
- Pre-Alpha Version 1 - Initial release

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