Little Big Smoky

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Use the arrow keys to move: use the left and right arrow keys to move right and left. Use the up key to jump.. You HAVE to collect the items or you will lose. Miss one of the four items - and it's game over. Make sure to collect, a knife, a Emergency Kit, a train ticket, and a bomb diffuser kit. If you forget a item in a previous level you cannot go back. For list to be hidden press, space bar. For list to be shown press 'a'.


Notes and Credits

Credit for fire animation goes to... Me, nicoleyellow8!
Go get my cute fire on my profile! Make sure you ask in the comments of the fire project! It's unlimited.. For now..

Smoky the poodle is also drawn by me. And no, you cannot adopt it because it was already adopted by someone else.

Nicoleyellow8 finished it without dying, 3 March 2017

Won in CSC kids competition Category 1 1st PLACE!
On 28th March 2017!!! Thanks so much! This happened in Denmark!

Won in CSC competition Category 1 1st PLACE WORLDWIDE
On March 31 2017! Thanks a lot~!

29th June 2017, 17:20 PM: VIEWS, VIEWS, VIEWSSSSSSSS!! 921 VIEWS!!!

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