Photorealistic 3d Renderer

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Notes and Credits

!!! Scratch is VERY slow, when its is not visible. Don't switch tabs or minimize the window while its loading !!!

Press "Render", then wait until you get to the menu (takes some time) and then hit render again. If you're impatient, use the version optimized for phosphorus:

You can change the position of the camera and its target (the perspective) and the position of the light light source in the 2d viewports (click on top, front or left) by using drag and drop.

If the rendering is too dark, you can increase "Light Red", "Light Green" and "Light Blue" in the rendering options (no long wait when you render a 2nd time)

The renderer uses Phong Reflection Model and implements diffuse map (texture), normal map and specular map.

Model by Paul Tosca, found here:

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