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Prepare for a lot of choppy animations and self deprecation!
So I'm pretty sure only a few people saw the q+a project, but here are the answers to that. I started this in February when I was kind of sick, so if some of the recordings sound weirder than others that's probably why xD
((history has its eyes on youUUU))
not really xD
but seriously thank you so so so much, it means the world to me<33
I don't want to do specific thanks, because that would make this even LONGER but y'all know who you are, thanks for being there :))<3

Okay, enjoy!
(if you can?)
- Aquasplash

Notes and Credits

== save your ears!! ==
"hey guys!

*cheesy advertising voice*
DISCLAIMER: forthenextfiveorsominutesyouwillbelisteningtoanextremelyannoyingandsick(whenIrecordedthis)voice,andforsafetyweadvicethatyoumutethisprojectandreadthenotesandcreditsifyoufeelnauseatedwithinthefirstthreeseconds.thankyousomuchandhaveanicedayunicornsarecool

*small pause*
After that warningg...
*another teeny pause where I forgot how to english*

Let's go on to the questions!


and answers

@Pixel*voicecrack/sickvoiceew*Zest asked, 'What is your favorite thing about Scratch?'
*thunderous applause*

*whispering too quietly*
I don't know how to say your username, I'm really sorry if I say it wrong

*talking at the speed of light*
@Mhiller asked, 'When you first made your username, did you already know that it was the name of a waterpark or did you find out after?'
I found out when I googled my username later
I know.

@Tiny-Gummy asked, 'When you first got scratch, did you think you would be this popular?'

*sounding like near tears*
@MintyBunBun asked, 'Do you swim? If so, what stroke are you
best at, and are you a sprinter or a distancer?'
I don't swim, but I used to do water polo..?
If that counts for anything..?
*more awkward mumbling omg aquasplash wow good job you're horrible at this*

@pitts005 asked, 'How do you develop your style?'
*sounding really scripted because I realized I needed a script otherwise this would be 10x longer and 24830x more boring*
For me, um. Experimenting with new techniques led me to new styles.

*gradually getting higher*
@samirathecatlol asked, 'Why Aquasplash?'
*in a sarcastic 'i know i'm lame but i had to' voice*
Why samirathecatlol?

@LimeyLemon asked, 'How are you so good at coding?'
Thanks! But I don't..actually, know. what I'm doing?
*awkward laugh*

@FrogPenguin asked, 'What was your fist impression of Scratch?'

@Cherry_Blossom11 asked, 'If you could be a character from any book, what would it be?'
I'd want to be a random character from Harry Potter, so I wouldn't have to do all the fighting with Voldemort stuff, but I'd still get to be a wizard..er. Witch.

@Something- asked, 'If you could have a superpower, which one?'

@sgraham23 asked, 'If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?'
um I'm not sure... Maybe like... Australia? Or Antartica, so I could see penguins..You can see penguins other places also..But penguins are cool. ((HOW DID I GET FROM THE QUESTION TO PENGUINS UM WHAT?))

@Riptide901 asked, 'What is your fav movie/book?'
I don't really have a favorite movie or book, but I like Disney movies in general, and a few of my (idk what I said here) read books are *monotonusly reading off of a list* Harry Potter, The Land of Stories, Eleanor and Park, The Fault in Our Stars, and The Night Circus.

@Narwhal- asked, 'What Scratcher gave you inspiration?'
I drew inspiration from a bunch of different Scratcher, um. So it changes all the time. ((this doesn't even make sense what))

@RainbowCloud525 asked, 'What’s your favorite ice cream flavor???
How did you find Scratch? And if you could be any animal, what would you be?'
Chocolate chip cookie dough, through my dad and a summer camp, and I'd want to be a narwhal, but I don't know what I'd actually be.

Okay, those are all of the answers I'm gonna answer today, so thanks for asking a question if you did, and if you didn't get to ask a question I'm really sorry. Um..and. Yeah. Thanks for watching!
Congrats if you made it to the end with out your ears bleeding bye."

if you read or scrolled all the way to the bottom, put a scratch emoji in your comment :)) (e.g. _waffle_)

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