BOXhead Tower Defence

by 08jackt
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-Fixed target glitch!

There aren't many tower defence scratch games, so I decided to give it a go. Here's my take on basic tower defence game.

At the begining of each round, you get to set your defences by buying different torrents from the menu. When you are ready click "start." Each round does until roundx10 enemies have been defeated. You gain 10 credits for every box head you defeat. Loosing all 15 lives will result in a game over. Try to finish all 10 rounds.

Basic Torrent: Up to three of these can be placed at once. They have medium range and medium fire rate.

Super Torrent: Only one of these can be placed at once. They have high fire rate and high range.

Chain Torrent: These fire chains when clicked that bounce around the screen for 10 seconds, doing damage to any box heads it touches. Only one can be placed at a time.

Bomb: These can be placed on the track, and does damage to surrounding box heads when hit.

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