Paper Minecraft v7.1 (2D Minecraft) remix

remixed by BEASTY73
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1 to 9 - Change Block in hand
Click - Mine or Place block
WASD - Walk/Swim Left, right, up and down
E - Open Inventory, chest, crafting table, furnace or door!
Space - Drop a single tile from a stack while dragging.
F - Eat food (whatever you are holding at the time)
Q - Drop currently held item
P - Pause game (P again to unpause)
T - Talk - Enter something to say, or type a command:
O - That's the letter O, to save your game

*** Commands ***
/gamemode 0 - Switches to survival (works with 0, s or survival)
/gamemode 1 - Switches to creative (works with 1, c or creative)
/gamemode 4 - Switches to peaceful (works with 4, p or peaceful)
/time set day - Changes time of day to morning.
/time set night - Changes time of day to evening/dusk.
/kill - Kills you and causes you to re-spawn.
/lighting 0 - Turns off the lighting effect (for speed)
/lighting 1 - Turns on the lighting effect (much preferred)
/delay 0 - Turns off the forced delay - may improve frame rate
at the cost of scratch lagging bug...
/delay 2 - Enable force delay (default)

*** Features ***
* 300 x 80 world (24,000 tiles)
* Full screen tiles scrolling system
* Adaptive Lighting Engine with day/night cycle applied to all tile and entities in the game
* Randomly generated, fully Destructive Terrain/Buildable
* Terrain includes Hills, Valleys, Pools, Trees, Cave systems, Waterfalls + Lavafalls, Beaches and cacti
* Grass spreads across dirt (soil)
* Trees grow from saplings planted on dirt or grass
* Animated player & mobs
* Mining system works with line of sight system working outwards away from player
* Fully working crafting system including inventory crafting and crafting table crafting
* Fully working furnace system for smelting ores and cooking food
* Ignitable exploding TNT
* Sand & Gravel fall when nothing is under them (player suffocation implemented)
* Water & lava flows and current moves player
* Chests contain items
* Player sustains fall damage & has oxygen level bubbles when submerged
* Health replenishes slowly over time
* Blocks that are mined can only be harvested with the correct tool/tool level combination where applicable.
* Preliminary mob code added for Pigs (pig AI allows them to look around, walk, swim, run away and die)
* Customisable Signs can be crafted and written upon
* Digging speed is dependent on tool in use, block type being dug, and level of tool in use (wood, stone, iron, diamond or glass)
* Tools sustain damage when used and wear out
* Items can be used as weapons inflicting greater or lesser amounts of damage depending on tool

*** Implemented blocks ***
Air, Water, Lava
Grass, Dirt, Sand, Clay
Stone, Cobblestone, Sandstone, Gravel, Bedrock, Obsidian
Wood, Leaves, Cactas, Pumpkin, Sugarcane
Rose, Flower, Mushroom, Sapling
Cake, Apple, Raw Pork, Cooked Pork, Rotten Flesh
Coal Ore, Diamond Ore, Gold Ore, Iron Ore
Glass, Wood Planks, Stick, Coal, Charcoal, Flint, Diamond, Gold Ingot, Iron Ingot
Chest, Crafting Table, Furnace
Brick, Stone Brick
Ladder, Wooden Door, Bed, Sign
TNT*, Torch, Flint and Steel
Wooden Shovel, Wooden Axe, Wood Pickaxe, Wooden Sword
Stone Axe, Stone Shovel, Stone Pickaxe, Stone Sword
Iron Shovel, Iron Axe, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Sword
Diamond Shovel, Diamond Axe, Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Sword
Gold Axe, Gold Shovel, Gold Pickaxe, Gold Sword
Bucket, Water Bucket, Lava Bucket

and lots more since I haven't updated this in a while (there are now 197 individually named items in the game as of 11 nov 2013!)

Notes and Credits (added by BEASTY73)

thank you thank you thank you thank you griffpatch

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