Complete Disney MAP

by ipzy
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Notes and Credits

★ IMPORTANT: If the sprites appear stretched, press ⌘+M or CTRL+M on your keyboard. Full screen is NOT recommended, it makes it lag more

Watch it here if it's too laggy:

Thank you SO much to everyone who joined my MAP, this was really fun to make :) I hope you enjoy watching!

♫ The song is a 21 Disney Song Mashup by Tyler Mauga

♥ This project is made by the following Scratchers, in order of appearance:

Intro/Title - @ipzy
Lilo & Stitch - @Aquasplash
Lion King - @Eggnormous
Mulan - @xPastelGamerx
Aladdin - @CrYstALizED-
The Jungle Book - @Greenthing
The Little Mermaid - @ExperienceSea
The Lion King - @MoonFuryBeatz
Pocahontas - @ClareBear202
Tangled - @izzy-pizzy
The Little Mermaid - art by @Pikishanti (part of drawing is by @amylaser), coding by @aricatothepowerof2
Beauty and the Beast - @AnimationBunny
Pocahontas - @CakeFlavoredEgg
Hercules - @Pancakes24689
The Little Mermaid - @RoseGoId
Tarzan - @-Aqualime
Tarzan - @bluepearlblues
The Lion King - @NovaKitty
Outro - @ipzy

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