Hope is Like a Star

by Vayd
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Hope is Like a Star
Hope is like a star.
It's there, even if you can't see it.
It shines bright each night,
And gives us comfort as we gaze upon it.
Even if it's small,
And barely visible,
It will always be there.
So don't give up on your dreams,
No matter how hard,
And look up
And find your hope.
P.S. Please don't post a comment about false hope, or that stars fade, or anything like that. It brings everyone down, and that's not what I intend this project to do. I want this project to inspire and motivate people to keep trying. Thank you. ^^

Notes and Credits

Art Style: @Rosyda:
Hands inspired by the album cover "Smoke+Mirrors" by Imagine Dragons
Poem: Me (sorry if it's bad, I did it in a rush >.<)
Music: "Ontario Gothic" by Foxes in Fiction
FEATURED 9/26/17

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