[CLOSED AGAIN] Super Scratch Kart Signups

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NOTE: NOT A GAME. The game is still WIP. Meanwhile, if you want to play a game I made right now, go here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/91484856/
This is now closed. I have all the signups I could have ever wanted. Thanks to everyone who signed up! I'm now making the game.
I have picked my favorite courses that will be in the game, so only a few will have their courses in the game. (Way too many scribbles...) Don't worry: all characters will be in the game, regardless of whether I like them or not ;)
Winners will be announced sometime this month!
To enter:
->Draw your character, preferably in a kart
->Enter your character's name
->Enter your character's weight class
->Choose whether your track is a race or battle course
->Draw a basic outline of your track; detail is appreciated, because it saves me work (;

Want to see how the game is coming along? Check out the official studio: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/3794211/

Notes and Credits

TOP REMIXED 2/19/2017-2/23/2017
We've crossed 100 love-its! Thanks, everyone!
This is the signup project for my upcoming 3D racing game, Super Scratch Kart! The game will be very community-based, as you'll be able to race as not only Scratch Cat or Gobo, but some characters made by other Scratchers!
The logo isn't the final logo, it's just a placeholder combination of the Super Mario Kart logo and the Scratch logo.
Music is Checkpoint by Nitro Fun and Hyper Potions. It's from Sonic Mania, so that's cool...
Everything else by me. (Yes, I made the background. Looks like something out of Super Mario All Star to me (; )

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