Mario Odyssey: Underground Moon Caverns

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Notes and Credits

DON'T PLAY THIS if your computer takes a long time to load it.
Also please note that there are still some Mario costumes I haven't converted to the wedding outfit yet.

I (partially) recreated the Honeylune Ridge Caves from Super Mario Odyssey, using my Super Mario Odyssey Scratch Engine (Please check it out!):

I challenged @Brad-Games to partially recreate the Moon Caves from Super Mario Odyssey- be sure to look out for his project when it's released! He makes very well crafted games and deserves a larger following, so please check him out!

(Left arrow) and (Right arrow) to Walk
(Up arrow) to Jump
(Y) to Throw Your Cap and Capture Objects
(Y) to Return to Normal After Capturing
(Down arrow) in Mid-air to Groundpound
(Down arrow) in Mid-air + (Y) to Dive
(Down arrow) while on the ground + (Up arrow) to Longjump
LEAP OF FAITH: Jump, throw, dive, wait 'til you bounce, throw, dive

@Blue_Science for the Pen Fire Particles sprite
@Nintendo_Music for the music block

MORE CONTENT will be added to this project in the near future!
Also the Cap Kingdom will come after this!

Aug 25 - Initial Creation of Project
Sep 9 - Initial Release: Mario's Wedding Outfit Costumes, Moon Caves Art, 2 Captures, 7 Levels, 1 Moon
Sep 11 - 100 Loves! Top Loved!
Sep 18 - 600 Loves! Top Remixed!

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