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As far as I know, this is the first functional chess engine for Scratch.

- You play white, the computer plays black.

- "New Game", obviously, resets the board for a new game. This may take a few seconds.

- To move, click on a piece. All possible moves will be highlighted, and clicking on a highlighted square will move the piece to it.

- After you move, "Thinking..." will appear at the top of the screen. The white line above that indicates the progress of the AI engine.

- The checkmate and stalemate detection is not thoroughly tested, but it should work.

- All of the piece and board images were created by me in Google SketchUp, rendered in Kerkythea, and finished with the GIMP. The "New Game" images were also made in the GIMP. Any web search engine should find these free programs.

- Please be patient with the AI; Scratch is not well suited to the computational demands of even this primitive chess engine.

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