☂Ocean's Call~Original Noteblock Song & Art☂

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☂Ocean's Call ^u^ (Green flag like, 20 times)☂

☂Original Noteblocks and art by @sparkkitty5

☂"Ocean's Call" is a piece dedicated to the Ocean. Your lying on the sandy shores as ripples of salt water splash onto your feat. You look up at the sky, only to be blinded by the sweet, shining rays of the sun. The music plays. What do you hear?☂

☂This original note block song was made by me. I love the ocean. It's color, it's waves, it's beautiful. This song (doesn't XD) captivate the ocean's song. It's own song, one that we should keep forever.☂

☂This art is a simple beach in vector, showing the sunset as the everlasting dripping water splatters onto the world. The sky is crimson while only a hint of the sun shows.☂

☂Hey guys! Thanks for taking time to check this out! Maybe even leave a heart or a star? ^^☂

☂Thanks to @the_awesome_nerd for AWESOME mouse pointer!☂
☂Thanks to @Caster-Chicken for inspo on noteblock! Definitely check his out!☂
☂Guys, HUGE thanks and shoutout to @AquaVeil. Check her awesome art out! ☂

☂Thanks for all the support guys! Love ya Scratch!☂

☂~Sparky ✴☂

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