[Realism/Blockshade] ~The Woman Archer~

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This is a realism piece created by using a technique called "Blockshading". This is where we use reshaped circles to do shading. That means no gradients. This means that the result is an artistic mix of layers. drawing probably has like 500 layers already XD)
This drawing is of a woman archer/soldier (instead of a princess as it was in the original picture. I tweaked her dress around a bit). She represents my feelings when I draw on Scratch. When I draw, I feel a mix of pride, valor, and confidence, but also a hint of grace and satisfaction. It makes me feel victorious whenever I release a new art piece, as the lady in this drawing feels as she defends her nation. As I move point by point, and she shoots arrow by arrow, we are a step closer to our victories.
This art piece is dedicated to:
- First and foremost, @Novakitty, my great art mentor and friend. Count this as my side of the art trade. I know, it's not Nova, but still, I hope you'll still enjoy this. I initially started drawing a simple woman archer just for your trade, then became so passionate about my art that I decided to blockshade it with a ton of details. If it weren't for Nova, not only would I never have started on this art piece, I might not even have been here on Scratch doing art at all. Her guidance and support means the world to me. Please, go follow Nova if you haven't already. :D
- @ivypool2. Thank you SO much for curating my project last time. To me, it wasn't the attention I received that was most important, but the fact that people acknowledge my work and like it. It made me more determined to continue doing art. Tysm for that, and also being such an open, nice friend.
- @bubble103 for making all her awesome projects. They have made me realize that anything is possible on Scratch if you put your heart and soul into it. Your words have made me more bold, to go and experiment with new forms of art. (I have NEVER done realism before XD) Thanks a lot, bubble! <3
- @sunshadow49, @A_Bluebird and @D_i_a_v_l_o
You all have been super good friends. I could never expect better ones! You talk to me when I am bored, you give me hope when I am down, you brighten my day when things are dark. Thank you all!
- My Real-Life friends Femur and Chewy. You might not even be seeing this, but you have always been there for me, on the web and off. The fun times we shared, the experiences we had, they are priceless. :D
and last but not least...
- My 270+ followers! Every follow counts! Whether I talk to you daily or not, it's nice to see that there's one extra person out there who loves my work. You're all awesome, guys, and don't let ANYONE, not even yourself, say otherwise. :D
(Ehem... I was gonna add a backdrop... but had no idea what to draw XDXDXD)
Anyway, thanks, ya'all! :D
And of course, thank you so much to @ChocolateFactory for curating!! It means so much to me!
@TheFarEnd for art
Natalie Portman for reference
TSFH for music

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