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These aren't sorted by date or topic at all. There's actually a fair chance some of these were in the previous art dump.
Before I get on to the descriptions, you should know that Muku's Story is the name of a series that ive been thinking about for like 2 years but it is now postponed because i just cant develop this plot right. Feathered is a new series that ive been thinking and planning out (and its going really well! Especially compared to Muku's Story)

1 - Just a random drawing of someone with their dog!
2 - Random girl. I'm still pretty happy with this.
3 - Sad pupper
4 - Happy kitty
5 - he slep
6 - Dog (these descriptions are really unhelpful im sorry lol)
7 - Dragon fight (I actually submitted this to Crowne Prince to get judged. I got a level 3!)
8 - Autumn icon <3
9 - Scrapped main screen for a game about Muku's Story. I kinda like this! The necks look odd though. Hmm.
10 - My current icon, featuring Mintpaw. (EquiLynx is a username im using for any new accounts i make)
11 - Art of the Fire Queen, a character in Muku's Story
12 - I'm the crazy bird lady in Pokemon Go okay
13 - Unfinished art of Chell and a mural of Rattmann (was working on it for Rattmann week but it never got finished because I couldn't figure out how to paint it)
15 - An icon I used on Tumblr for a while
16 - Scrapped art for WoF Dragon Name Creator V3
17 - Scrapped art for WoF Dragon Name Creator V3
18 - I ship these two from Muku's Story SO BADLY but alas, it wouldn't work out very well canonically
19 - The Fire Queen art (never finished because the lineart looked weird lol)
20 - The Fire Queen concept art
21 - Muku concept art (not finalized version)
22 - Baby Muku concept art (also not finalized version)
23 - More concept art. This also was not the final version.
24 - NOW here is the finalized design of Muku! Took me a while to figure out what I wanted her to look like.
25 - Storyboard from Muku's Story. This is Muku's mom, and their village.
26 - Spider lady OC? She's based on a brown recluse, if i remember correctly
27 - Art for a "raise a dragon" game that I will most likely never finish
28 - Darkstalker sketch! (I couldn't figure out how to lineart it)
29 - Random girl
30 - The Queen, concept art for Feathered
31 - The Queen's friend, concept art for Feathered
32 - imnotspoilingwhosheis.png, concept art for Feathered
33 - Skri, concept art for Feathered
34 - Erika, the protagonist of Feathered!
35 - I don't know why I decided to make him pink. But he is. (Feathered concept art)
36 - Cornelian, concept art for Feathered (thinking of a name change because I named him after Carnelian because I thought their personalities were similar. It also turns out he's red like her so um i guess hes kinda just a male Carnelian with different motives)
37 - FAB BILL (a frame from an animation i made for a friend)

Notes and Credits

38 - Oil pastel dragons for art class (i have a lot of art class drawings, i was just too lazy to take pictures of most of them)
39 - Two cats (dont tell anyone but it was on my spanish classwork)
40 - If you've ever wondered what my vent art looks like, this is it
41 - Chell and Wheatley! I'm pretty proud of this
42 - Chell and Companion Cube <3
43 - Unfinished Inktober dragon
44 - A wyvern of some sort?
45 - More cats (with unrealistically looong tails)
46 - A small clay poseable snake I made! (I have other clay creations, but this is the one I'm most proud of)

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