MusicSynth BETA

by myed
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This is MusicSynth! It lets you easily make penatonic music. Saving is coming soon, tell me what you think so far.

Press P to turn into "Play" mode, which basically plays the music in a nice format. It disables all other input, press P again to exit.

Use the Left and Right arrow keys to change tempo and the Up and Down keys to change the pitch(in semitones)
Press "I" to open the instrument slider, and press it again to close.
Press "N" to create a new page, then use "A" and "S" to switch between them. Due to the scratch clone limit, the maximum number of pages is 3.

For a random, completely messed up track press "R". This will completely mess up everything, restart before retrying.
To clear press "C"
To enable everything, press "E"

Notes and Credits

This uses clones and a penatonic scale of C (C, D, E, G, A, C)
Each clone has its Column and row, which is stored in a sprite only variable(which is independent with clones)

Features coming soon:
Independent instruments

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