Spike Mania

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Spike Mania is here! Click the green flag and then click the spinning rectangle. Then click either "Start" or "Instructions".
Here are the different power-ups. (To activate the power-ups, you have to touch them.) Orange Sphere: it clones it self and destroys spikes. Grey Sphere: it grows into a large force-field and destroys spikes. Blue Sphere: it gives you four extra lives. Purple Shield: it follows you and deflects spikes. Yellow Sphere: gives you twenty extra points.
When you start playing, a timer starts and will time you. Try to survive as long as you can. There is a Cloud Highscore, so try to beat it. Do not touch the edge of the screen, it will take 1 life away from you! Have fun, and do your best!

Notes and Credits

Music: Looney Toons back in action and Dj Cutman.
All scripts made by me: @electro100
Please post your score/time in the comments!

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