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Hello everyone! First of all, please notice that this is an old project. I've already been inactive for quite a while and I probably won't work on this project ever again, so I just shared this unfinished version - I've got quite a few unfinished projects lying around, so I might share some more of these older ones before finally leaving scratch.

To get to the point, this is my try in making one of these sandbox-simulator games. You can select sand, dirt, stone and water at the top and then click to place them in the world. I did my best to avoid lag, but it still can be pretty laggy if there is too much falling stuff at once.

Also, the music is from undertale - however, since this project is quite old, I already forgot where I got the actual file from. Sorry :/
Update log:

12/05/17: Just released this because why not xP
02/11/17: fixed some bugs and reduced lag even more
02/10/17: introduced liquids and made new rendering script to redraw only changed blocks
02/09/17: basic engine for block updates, introduced stone, sand and dirt.

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