See inside

Click the flag, then use arrow keys to play!
The Space key at the beginning and end does not work the blue stuff is bouncy use blue to get to the door!

-Credits to another scratcher for the character.

Notes and Credits

Gone for over 4 months. I come back to 849 favorites and 1045 loves. Thank you all so much. I would never believe that I would ever get here!

Wow... I was gone for a few weeks... Then this project BLOWS with Loves and favorites! xD Thank you for all of the support!
Please consider checking out @Semi99999 and @SemiTest
Thanks to ThePancakeMan for the Christmas music
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Please check out Platformer 2!
Hope you like my Platformer!
[12/1/2014] 500 loves, 405 favorites
[12/21/2013] 200 favorites
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-3.0 removed snow
-2.0 changed music to a Christmas song
-1.9 added 2 new Castle Crashers songs
-1.8 added mute button
-1.7 Changed how door looks
-1.6 Added Teleporters
-1.5.2 Added JetPack mode
Removed JetPack mode
-1.5.1 Beta added harder obstacles
-1.5 Beta Changed how robot looks
-1.4 Beta Added 2 more levels
-1.3 Beta Added more levels
-1.2 Beta Removed Pen
-1.1 Beta Added Pen
-1.0 Beta Posted Game

Credits to another scratcher for the character.

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