A Blobfish~Character Contest {OPEN}

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I'm a blobfish enthusiast, so WHY THE HECK NOT!?
Although it seems like my blobfish coloring contest, this is a different kind of CC. You must choose an already existing character, and turn the blobfish into them!
1. You must make the blobfish neat and tidy. Quality counts here!
2. The character you choose must be preexisting! No original characters! (With the exception of three that will be recognized in the results project, yet do not count for a prize)
3. Don't use pictures from the internet in your project! (You can use them as models)
4. You may add accessories. Ex: Hair, ears, tails, etc.
5. Don't change the lineart too much, unless you are animating, which is allowed. You can change its color too.
7. You may change the music. (Thanks Vexento! :P)
8. I will only allow three OCs to be in the contest! (1/3 spots taken)
Things to add: background, animation, new music, shading, accessories, etc.
(These are just suggestions! They are not mandatory!)
Character Examples: Spongebob Characters, Emojis, Pokemon, Popular Youtubers, Etc.

Notes and Credits

There is no real deadline! I will close the contest only when I feel that enough people have entered!
The prizes are as follows:
Third~Three loves and favorites
Second~A follow, five loves and favorites
First~ A follow, 10 loves and favorites
(If I already follow you, it means an extra love and favorite)

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