TVP-PKMN Battle Engine V.1

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This is an acurate representation of what goes on behind-the secens in PKMN games. No random number, but an actual formula used to calcluate damge. The stat changing "Leer" or "Tail Whip" both reduce defence of the other guys, while allowing you to hit for more damage. I actually made this out of bordem.

Click to choose which PKMN you want. Click the icon on the side for sound or no sound (inverted colors is no sound, vise versa). No flashy animations (except the PKMN), I just wanted to get the basic engine working. A future update might have such flashy animations.

NOTE: I know you can go into the negative health. I figured it'd be to short of a battle, and this is just a demo anyway.

It looks and performs horrible online for some odd reason...If downloaded it should look work like it's supposed to. Might just be my end.

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