Adventures in Bayclan- The Coming Storm

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_______________Welcome to The Coming Storm_______________

Previous Game:
Clan Personality Quiz:

Please read everything below before playing, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact me on my profile


- Play the original game before this
- When you are asked to name something, only put the prefix (ex. Raven, Storm, Moon).
- If you're incredibly slow, keep restarting until you're relatively fast. If you're still agonizingly slow, it's because your computer can't handle the game
- Click the green flag twice
- Use fullscreen
- Always type exactly what you are asked to with proper capitalization


- Use the arrow keys or A and D to move
- To enter dens, click on the entrances
- Move to edge of the screen to go to a new area
- Click on arrows to go to places inaccessible by walking


- Click on cats to speak with them
- When hunting, press space whilst touching a piece of prey to catch it
- When fighting, press space to attack
- Click on the green nest in whichever den you're staying in to sleep
- Press C on your keyboard to view character information
- Hold down E on your keyboard to dismiss announcements


This is a very large project, and it takes a very powerful computer to run it. I'm very sorry if this game is slow or doesn't work for you, but there isn't anything I can do about it.

03/03/17- Top Loved ♥

_______________________Change Log_______________________

-Added Ottersplash

-Redrew a couple backdrops

-After meeting with the leaders, you're transported instantly to Highclan

-New Thumbnail!

-Art Updates

-New "Nine Lives" Song

-Added some suffixes. There are now 100 possible!

-(Finally) fixed the always-looking-left glitch
-Started some art updates. Sorry, the art's really inconsistent at the moment, and I'll finish the rest of the backdrops in the coming days

-More art updates

-Even more art updates. Coming along nicely
-All battles are now the same theme. I may give each character a different theme if I can find better ones
-Removed Moonstar saying she's sick, as it isn't important to the plot

-Whoa more art updates
-Silverfall's battle no longer triggers the end credits, though the main storyline is still finished at this point
-Removed Highclan thunderclouds

-Fixed weirdness after Silverfall battle

-Changed Ottersplash's name to Otterheart, Flametail's name to Flamebright, and Rosepetal's name to Rosethorn because apparently there's already cats in the original warriors series with those names =P It's been a while since I read warriors so I had no clue about this. Sorry!
-Fixed some typos
-Changed some dialogue

-I'm so sorry guys, I really screwed up the game. I tried to add some new areas, but they went over the size limit, and I ended up removing the Silverfall battle. I'm not sure how to re-implement it, and there's still not enough space for the new updates. So, the game technically ends on day 15. Press h to see the credits at that point. Again, I'm so sorry, you'll have to wait for the next one to come out!

-I'd just like to announce that a "The Coming Storm" Part 2 will come out. It will not be a sequel per say, but it will have all of the content I wanted to put in this but couldn't. It will center around doing miscellaneous quests and exploring the new territories at your own pace. Again, this won't be a huge story-based sequel, I have something bigger planned for a special occasion like Christmas or the fourth anniversary of the original AiB. Anyways, again, I'm so sorry for messing up. I'll still try to improve this game from time to time. Thanks guys!

-Changed Lilyflower's pelt. She is now pure white with pinkish eyes, or, an albino

-Started some art updates

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