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"It's about the balance: the balance of purpose as well as the balance of use." ~ Pamela Rutledge, media psychologist, director of the Media Psychology Research Centre in Newport Beach, California.
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Observe before you accuse (I've been using that phrase ten times a day at the rate I'm going); read the whole thing before you comment. I can tell, you know.

If you truly understood the project, you will realise that what I am trying to say is not that social media is a bad thing, but an individual's uses of social media can make social media harmful. Self-control plays a big role in the impacts of social media.

I am not encouraging anyone to quit social media. I am merely discussing the impacts and what causes the impacts.
Q: Are you a feminist?
A: Yes, I am. And I realise I made a mistake in mentioning feminism in my project. Please stop arguing.

Q: Does scratch count as social media?
A: It depends on how you use it.

Q: Does so-and-so count as social media?
A: *exhausted sigh* search it up

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Song :- Timber Owls from Final Fantasy 8.
Pictures used :-
lolol, Dora the Explorer and Monkey, Lat, Troll Face, iPhone, Higglytown Heroes, Home Alone, Califa One Piece, Mr. Bean, Steve Harvey.
No Copyright was intended.
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