Goldfish ~ An interactive aquarium

remixed by Blue_Science
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G O L D F I S H ♦ A N ~ I N T E R A C T I V E ~ A Q U A R I U M

Lol this remix is getting more views than my actual games xD
Guys please check them out, it would be super cool ! thx :D

So, I saw this and I said: ❛ Wow, I love this and really HAVE to add a little goldfish in this zen ambiance ! ❜... Move with arrow keys.

Just take a moment to relax and turn into a little goldfish, in the middle of a relaxing lake... Inspire.
Or just try to destroy this poor boat :O

Goldfish physics and design by me ( @Blue_Science)
Sea programming by @AiyanMind - see more in the original credits.

Notes and Credits (added by Blue_Science)

Original description by @AiyanMind :
I N T E R A C T I V E ~ W A T E R ~ ( 1 0 0 % ) P E N

Wow! This project took me absolutely forever, gosh the mathematical formulas were torture. Well, here is is! After massive hours of work, I made you interactive water made with 100% pen.

C R E D I T S:
> I got inspired by an article (see link below) on simulating water. I instantly had a huge desire to try to create realistic water on Scratch.
> Thanks @TheLogFather for his amazing Tri-Filler! (see link below)
> Music is Koto by Evan (see link below)
> Robert Hooke for is ingenious Hooke's Law (see link below)
> Font is Rounds Black Font (see link below)

E X P L A N A T I O N:
> The water is made up of many trapezoids, which are about 5 pixels wide. Those trapezoids are made up of 2 triangles
> The trapezoids' height is determined by "springs"
> The springs' height is determined by its distance to water level and the height of the springs around it. The spring will naturally try to return to the height of the water level (in this case 0)

L I N K S:
> Article:
> Tri-Filler:
> Music:
> Font:
> Hooke's Law:'s_law

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