Metroid Pong 3

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NOTE: Can be very slow. I highly recommend downloading it.

Update from the sequel. Now, it's not quite JUST a Metroid-themed Pong game. I have incorporated Morph Ball Bombs, and I put them to good use: earning items.

One item moves around slower than the other, but it will never respawn until the next level (due to programming purposes); it raises your score by 500 points. The other item will respawn after you destroy it with a bomb, but it jumps around the screen roughly twice as fast; this item will give you an extra ball.

I've also fixed the problem which causes the ball to bounce left and right slowly upward: press the UP arrow. This will point the ball in a new direction. As explained in the "How to Play" section, it may take a few presses of the arrow to actually see results, because it's entirely possible that the ball will simply point in a similar direction as it was already traveling in response to the button being pushed. Be warned, however: this may point the ball straight downward. It is HIGHLY recommended that you press UP while the paddle is safely underneath the ball!

Also, there is a new help menu as well as a different interactive interface, utilizing the mouse clicking as opposed to pressing Space. (This was so that I could reserve the Space bar for laying bombs)

Plus, I put in a little surprise at the end...

UPDATE: I've created graphics to act for variables so that the game will feel a bit more... natural. One of these graphics in particular (the score one) took at least two hours to do. The sprite which depicts the score variable has 151 costumes!

Update 2: I've added Power Bombs. Technically, this should be considered a new version of the game, but the changes I've added are not horrifyingly drastic. Maybe if and/or when I add more levels.

Also added in two power-ups. Also, the lava never fails now (unless you got the right power-up), and Ridley can kill you now.

Check out the HOW TO PLAY section for details.

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