3D Textured Landscape Generator

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You can view a gallery of my screenshots by clicking on the blue button on the top-right corner. Click on images to view them, reclick to exit them. Re-click the View Gallery button to exit the gallery. Hide the button by pressing 3.

Step 1: Mess with the variables. See EXTRAS below for details.

Step 2: Click New to begin generating the landscape. Please wait as this can take a while. The % progress will be shown for the stage it is in.

Step 3: Click Preview to get a visual of where you will view your landscape, along with an elevation map (darker is lower elevation). Use the arrow keys to look around and WSADEQ to move.

Step 4: When you are satisfied with your view, click STOP, then click Render and wait. It will do all the necessary calculations, then start to render, which can take a long time depending on the variables. Surface? = 1 can render REALLY fast!

** WorldSize is the size of the landscape you want. It is the exponent of 2, so WorldSize = 3 is 8 blocks wide and WorldSize = 6 is 64 blocks wide and so on. Careful, as this can get processing-intensive.
** FOV (field of view) is how much is seen; higher means less.
** Grid? indicates if you want to see gridlines between blocks.
** Surfaces? = 0 means no surfaces, = 1 renders uniform surfaces, and = 2 renders textures.
** Biome = 1 is green grass with sand at the shorelines, Biome = 2 is a wintery landscape with snow on everything, and Biome = 3 is a desert (cactus not included yet).
** Relief is the change in the elevation of the terrain. 0 relief renders a flat terrain.
** Water is the level of the water. Blocks that are below this become water.
** Trees is how high of a chance that a tree will be planted somewhere.

Press 1 to show variables.
Press 2 to hide variables.
Press 3 to show/hide buttons
Press 4 to show/hide corner ID's of map preview.
Press 5 to allow map rendering during preview (if this is too intensive, it will automatically toggle off)
Press 6 to switch backgrounds (night and day)

Notes and Credits

Current Version: 5.3.8
Last Update: major improvements to texture rendering; re-routed new renders to skip re-calculations if no change of view was made; gallery added

This project is intended for rendering a minecraft-like landscape, not for playing, as a speedy performance is beyond Scratch's capability. The textures are NOT from Minecraft: They are randomly created.

- Trees that render near the edges of the map will have some of their leaves render on the other side.
- Edge detection is a nightmare!

Quicksort © @jgatcomb
Elevation Generator © @randomgamemaker
Tri filling © @Jamohyperturbopro
Texture mapping © me
3D Engine © me

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