Best Day of My Life MAP {OPEN}

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50th project! Yay! :-D
The rules are as follows:
1. In your part, you must include an OC. (original character)
2. No blood, gore, or violence.
3. Be creative! Add animation!
4. Your part must cover the whole length of that part's audio.
5. You may add funny stuff, just no crude humor or inappropriate scenes.
6. First come, first served! The first person to ask for a part in the comments will get it.
7. You must be active when creating your part. In other words, you cannot give up on it. Or take month-long breaks.

Notes and Credits

Here are the parts. You can listen to them in the project.
Intro: Me
Part 1: @marioevan212
Part 2: @Moona_Macaw
Part 3: @AquariumNinja
Part 4: @eefr0
Part 5: @memequeens
Part 6: @Acid_Alpaca
Part 7: @cs439345
Part 8: @AwesomeGirl417
Part 9: @WarriorCatsREpic
Part 10: @Lpssparklesunshine
Part 11: @maddygirl3333
Part 12: @skey89
Part 13: @Amethyst_Productions
Part 14: @justanewgirl
Part 15: @Toastkid2006
Part 16: @GamerGurls12
Part 17: @eyafoj123
Part 18: @AlescarPhoenix
Part 19: @emerypet000

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