Adventure Time Fanmade Game (second Wip)

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See inside
Notes and Credits (added by BlahBlahRatSheep)

Right now this is (still) WIP. C:

IMPORTANT: "list(s)" means the box that holds the instructions and stuff.

instructions for instructions.

first you got to click it and it'l pop up.

these are instructions to change the list back and forth.

1 key for instructions

2 key for level 1 story and obective of game

3 key for a message from me

0 key to close

the title doesn't lie for this game,you have levels and battles and other stuff.

Just to notify to you,
If you switch characters while the lists are out,the lists will automatically close.

(sorry I don't know how to script it to make it stay if the lists are open.)

Allso,to pause press space bar

please ignore the "continue button!!
[I just wanted it to look pretty]
(lols all you can do is restart xD)

Since it's Wip right now it doesn't have a few stuff.

btw I am going to make mini vids in this game.(the mini videos will be relevant to the game.)

Good luck people.

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