The Grand Heist | Part 1

See inside

I never got why I wrote random stuff in the instructions on my other animations, and apparently even when I'm self-aware that I'm doing it I haven't learned a thing...


Stop reading and watch this cinematic masterpeice! (Or don't, whatever your preference is...)


By the way, if the project glitches the timing will be off. So in order to fix it, just click the flag several times before playing it, and if it happens during the animation then spam that flag again until it gets bored and lets you watch the animation. It works every time.

Also, turn your volume up!



You here for the copy and paste meme?
Well I'm out of ideas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Notes and Credits

Boy, this sure took a while to make, however it's probably my best animation yet! (Even better than 'Classic Antiques' in my opinion)

I had to split the animation into 2 parts because the whole thing would have ran extremely slowly, and also I haven't uploaded anything in quite a long time.

Part 2 won't be released for a while, however it (hopefully) shouldn't take as long to finish. When it is done I will upload the full thing to my youtube channel so you can watch it all without the pause and the occasional glitches.


I got the idea for this after watching the movie 'Whiplash' and listening to the soundtrack on youtube (I don't know why considering the concepts are completely different, but hey, there you go). The track 'Too Hip To Retire' caught my attention and made me imagine an elaborate theft for some reason, so I decided to make it, and this is how it turned out.

Song Credits:
Whiplash Soundtrack - Too Hip To Retire
Whiplash Soundtrack - Whiplash


Thanks for your support!


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