Blob - RPG Platformer v0.9

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[14 May 2017 v0.9 - [New Items, New Abilities, Hard-Mode, Major Update to Improvements]

-Newly redesigned inventory menu GUI.
-15 new consumable items have been added.
-Added new types of equipment: Headgear, Shield, and Armor. (68 in total)
-You can now change your current class to other classes anytime you want.
-Added treasure chest in certain areas.
-Added new character's attribute: Defense
-Added Buff & Debuff.
-Debug mode greatly improved. Added add/remove money, modify your exp, add or remove items, abilities, reset the game to initial, attack/defense/critical, and much more...
-Added arrows to guide where you can go to another area.
-Added tips to help new players.
-Shields can be equipped by any class, but you won't be able to equip both bow/staff with a shield. Warrior is the only class that can equip both sword and shield at the same time.
-Added 70+ new abilities.
-Added an alternative way to pause the game by pressing "P". You can also view enemy's info (Lv, HP, Atk, Exp, Type, etc.) while pausing the game by pressing "I".
-Miss and Block(no dmg), Effective(2x dmg), and Resist(0.5x dmg) introduced.
-Enemies now have its own element's weakness and resistance.
-Taking 0 damage will now prevent you from being knock back.
-Damage counter can now exceed from 999 to 9999
-Added healing item hotkeys. Pressing H will automatically use any available healing potion to instantly restores your HP. "J" key for restoring MP.
-Removed HP regen, Move speed, Enchanting, some other items.
-Added play time counter in equip menu.
-Fixed bug where the rat would appear at the edge in the fullscreen mode.
-Fire Lotus's attack speed reduced by half. Renamed "Fire Lotus" to "Panser".
-Eagle Head, Tabu Knight now required level 4 to beat instead of 5.
-Changed Gamarn and Gamadayu's death effect.
-Slightly increased attack power for Rusty Sword, Woody SHortbow, Wooden Staff.
-Archer's attack speed increased.
-All normal attacks of Magician no longer cost mana.
-Fixed Poison Water animated incorrectly when the game is paused.
-Fixed bug where you can glitch to the roof after the boss fight.


Welcome to Blob - Rpg platformer! From the creator of Lightcube Platformer. Embark on an epic adventure side-scrolling platformer game you've never seen before!

✔Role playing game mixed with platformer style.
✔Damage Counter
✔3 Classes for you to choose from, Warrior, Ranger, and Magician.
✔Side-Scrolling game.
✔35+ Weapons to pick for the fight. Each weapon can shoot different projectiles.
✔Level up your character and gets stronger.
✔Enemies taken from many games: Crystalis, Super Mario Bros. 3, Sonic Burst, Adventure Island, Tiny Toon Adventure, and much more.
...Many more features that you will find out in the game.

[Z/Space] - Action Button [X] - Fire/Cancel [Left/Right] - Move
[Up] - Jump [Down] - Interact/Enter door [E] - Inventory
[B] - Debug Mode (buggy!)

■ Roadmap Plans ■
-Arena with high score system (thank to @CornDog52)
-Save feature (thank to @polygonalcube )
-Further performance improvements
-New inventory and new items (from FF series).
-Shops and Village NPCs.
-Black Magic & White Magic (from Final Fantasy Series)
-New equipment: Armor, Helm, Shield(Warrior only).

Found a bug or glitch? Please let me know, and I'll be sure to put you in the credits. Thanks!

◀Update History▶
For more information about the updates, see inside the editor.

14 Apr 2017 v0.8 - [New Bosses, Tezouba Jungle, New Enemies, Minor Bug Fixes]
9 Apr 2017 v0.7.3 - [Minor bug fixes and improvements]
5 Apr 2017 v0.7.2 - [New hitbox system & Safe-Fail]
3 Apr 2017 v0.7.1 - [Performance improvements]
2 Apr 2017 v0.7 - [Minor tweaks]
1 Apr 2017 0.6 - [First version, debug mode]

Special Thanks:
@griffpatch_tutor for Platformer Basic.

-Mighty Final Fight
-Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link
-Kingdom Heart - Chain of Memories
-Metroid Fusion
-1943: The Battle of Midway
-Adventure Islands 3
-U-four-ia - The Saga
-Fire Emblem 8 The Sacred Stones
-Mega Man 6
-Moon Crystal
-Mitsume ga Tooru
-Sonic Advance
-Final Fantasy VI
-Ninja Gaiden

-Mr Gimmick!
-Tiny Toon Adventures
-Sonic 3D Blast 5 [ripped by Mister Man]
-Super Mario Bros. 3
-The World of Magic [Online MMORPG]
-Chrono Trigger
-Mega Man X
-Google Chrome

-PressStart 2P (codeman38)
-04b30 (04)
-Ado (Elbow)
-Mega Man (Capcom)

-Romancing Saga I - III
-The Legend of Zelda - The Adventure of Link
-Final Fantasy - The Mystic Quest
-Chrono Trigger
-Super Mario Bros. 3

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