☞plsENTER _DTA_☜

by BlueberryMuffinz
See inside

Smack the green flag with the random cup off coffee that you keep in strange places. PRES LE SPACE BUTTON IF YOU DARE.
Why am i doing this?
I have no clue.

The art program that i use and scratch are having a fight at the moment.

Notes and Credits


-I have pride in my creatures, so don't change them to much
-A bio is not required, but they may help you win
-BE creative! The color palate is up to you (Im to lazy to color them XD)
-Keep in mind that these things take me a wile to draw, so please tell other about this DTA!
-You have to at least come up with a name to your animal!
-Please ✉ who you will be entering for! Also comment what you think a cute rabbit name would be!
-Scratch is not a mean place. I don't think i have to tell y'all not to be sore losers, do I?

screw the rules. nobody will enter anyways.

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