Arena (v1.74)

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The ultimate arena game! Fight your friends or the AI for dominance, who will be the first to master the arena? Features fast paced combat and platforming, a variety of weapons, polished graphics, easy to use interface.. and more!

Controls in options menu (use the tabs at the top). Can be changed to whatever you want!

Notes and Credits

Let me know in the comments, how did you end up finding this game? and what's your favourite gun/skin?

@griffpatch_tutor 's platforming engine!
@griffpatch 's ASCII key detector

Sound effects made with
Menu Music by Marifax @Newgrounds
Battle music by DavidOrr @Newgrounds


19/05/2018 - (1.74) - Added 4 more skins! started remixing some gun sprites and sounds.

28/04/2018 - (1.73) - made the menu/UI a bit more responsive

10/04/2018 - (1.71) - Added Intro to the game, changed perk graphics.

6/04/2018 - (1.7) - Named all skins so you can share your favourites easily, + 3 new unique skins! + UI improvements + Refreshed zombie map graphics. Thanks for all the support on this game!!

3/02/2018 - (1.66) - 2 epic new skins!

17/11/2017 - (1.65) - New skin pack! fight with 8 brand new varied characters! + changed bullet visuals slightly + removed unused assets for faster loading.

24/10/2017 - (1.61) - New menu music, and added 2 new skins! + new tips and game cover.

27/06/2017 - (1.6) - Added 3 new player skins.

11/04/2017 - (1.51) - Survival mode additions - added new zombie types (brute and wraith), modified spawn timing/hp/AI for zombies, made it faster to get weapons from the box, zombies don't instantly disappear after death and will 'fall' of the map instead, reduced hp regen amount in survival +Some code optimisation

4/04/2017 - (1.401) - New thumbnail!

24/03/2017 - (1.4) - Added the ability to modify game settings, like player health, re-spawn time and more! also fixed some bugs.

21/03/2017 - (1.33) - New menu track

7/02/2017 (v1.32) - Menu changes + tips added

5/02/2017 (v1.3) - New survival mode! Face off against the zombie horde and see how long you can last, You can even play with a friend! +Bug fixes and tweaks!

30/01/2017 (v1.21) - New stuff! 2 New maps to battle on, more player skins, new perk feature to add abilities to your player AND 3 new guns! Thanks for the support :D

27/01/2017 (v1.1) - Added the options menu, which allows you to customise how players are controlled, as well as some other options. A new map and player skins have also been added!

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