Misadventures of Dobby [HP Cartoon #1]

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Misadventures of Dobby [HP Cartoon #1]
The one and only house elf up to his crazy shenanigans....
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If you have a decently performing device it should work the way it is intended and programmed to.

If you're gonna ask about Harry Potter's looks, I based him off Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter.

Dobby: Hello Mr. Potter
Harry: Dobby, you said you had important news?
Dobby: Yes...see...Harry potter...yes I got important news...I...would... would you like a sock?

Notes and Credits

FEATURED! [Jan 2017] Thanks to the Scratch Team and all the people who decided to spend their time watching it rather than eating Chocolate Frogs.
65,000 VIEWS!?! Thank you everyone so much! :D
Everything was by me (besides the music). Thanks for all the kind comments! :D

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Music: Dobbys theme and Hedwigs theme Dubstep.

If you see anyone who remixes BUT it's an exact copy of my project with no credit please report them for me. I really love looking at your guys remixes but when you copy someone's project to get views. Very rude.
Thanks to everyone again for checking it out! :D

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