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Two things I forgot to mention: Rat cages must be cleaned weekly, and also your rats should all be the same sex OR be neutered/spayed to prevent pregnancy

I made this project to address some misconceptions about rats and spread the word about rats as pets! EDIT: Mabel and Dipper past away last year but I have two other rats named Mochi and Luna

My last two rats were named Mabel and Dipper and I adopted them from someone who couldn't keep them anymore. After Mabel passed away in Spring 2017 I adopted Mochi and Luna from a shelter for small animals, then Dipper passed away in Fall 2017.

I got my first rat, Hope, when I was about 11 and at the time I knew very little about proper rat care (I'd like to state again that you should NEVER get just one rat!) so hopefully this project will help you get off to a good start getting your own rats :-)

----------------------------- Products I Use -----------------------------

✿ CritterNation Single (12 cubic feet), I used to have a You & Me Rat Manor (6.8 cubic feet) which is what you see in the project
✿ Kaytee glass waterbottle
✿ Lixit Critter Space Pod
✿ Oxbow Essentials Adult Rat Food
✿ You & Me Medium Size Igloo
✿ You & Me Ferret Ball Toys
✿ WARE Small Willow Barbell Chew Toy
✿ Fleece and CareFresh paper bedding
✿ Cardboard boxes and tubes

They also have a wooden hut, lettuce-shaped ceramic food dish, and some carrot shaped toys that I don't recall the brand of.

Notes and Credits

✿ Music is from Animal Crossing: New Leaf

✿ This is information I've accumulated over time from many sources! Special thanks to the sources listed below :-)

-------------------------- Want to learn more? --------------------------

✿ General Info -

✿ Rat Cage Guide -

✿ Rat Diet -

✿ DIY Rat Toys -

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