Colour or Word

by teal08
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░░▒▒▓▓██ Colour or Word ██▓▓▒▒░░
Another trashy pixel game by @teal08
Thanks ST for my first feature! I forgot about this project...

██▓▓▒▒░░ Instructions ░░▒▒▓▓██
It's simple really, If the white text says "colour" Click on the colour square that is the same colour as the word.
And if it says "word" click on the colour square that the word says. Also, there's a timer :D
Did I mention getting it wrong results in an immediate loss?

░▓█▓▒ N&Cs ▒▓█▓░
All graphics, coding etc. made by me.
Music is Crusher by me, @teal08
The "ting" sound is from a scratch noteblock

Inspired by all those things that involve the Stroop Effect (look it up)

Don't know what TEAL is? Its the colour exactly in between green and blue but darker. An example of Teal is... my logo... and me...
All these people not knowing what teal is making me sad...

This game would have been the perfect opportunity to showcase vector graphics. Such a shame that I made it, isn't it...

If Pixel art is what you like, then take a look at Rise of the Pixel, a big, popular (678 followers popular) studio with only the best pixel projects.
You'll find all my other games here:

DISCLAIMER: @teal08 is not responsible for anyone's brain hurting.

@RevengeOfACE987657 made an easier remix if you're struggling to get used to the brain bending

"I noticed a glitch: It said to click teal, so I clicked your username but it took me out of the project " - @Nerwool 5 Nov 2017

Before you point out "it's spelt color" please keep in mind that over here in Australia, "colour" is actually the correct spelling.

This colour vs. color thing is really annoying and really pointless...

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