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Welcome to PixelGuy, fast-paced scrolling game to test your limits.
- Hold your MOUSE down OR press SPACE to fly!
- Move your MOUSE left and right to control the person!
- Collect gems to earn points!
- Avoid the bombs!
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Comment what I could add. I'm up to any appropriate criticisms. :)

Let's see who can get the highscore! It's currently held by @gor-dee (how is he so good at this xD)

Notes and Credits

Which jetpack is your favorite?? :D
Please LOVE if you enjoyed playing! I worked really hard on this. ^.^ Let's see how many loves we can get <3

Top Loved! Didn't expect that. Thanks humans! - Jan. 14, 2017
Loved and/or faved by these amazing Scratchers:
@gor-dee (He holds the highscore)
@kevin_eleven_1234 (xD)
Play with SMALL screen! :D
The original -PixelShip-: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/138101347/
My first "sequal" of a previous game! Like how it turned out? My sequal has exactly the SAME amount of loves as this one! :D
-Character from @Inb4! Check out his pixel art!
-8-bit graphics designed all by @kevin_eleven_1234 in Scratch.
-Coding all by @kevin_eleven_1234, including my new text engine.
-Inspired by my last game, -PixelShip-
-gems are designed based off of PixelShip.
-The sound files and the amazing 8-bit sound track for "What is Love" were all converted off of YouTube. Thanks YouTube

-The scrolling engine was purely invented by me. That's why I assure you that the code for the scrolling (in the character sprite) is nothing like any other engine. To make the smooth velocity effect, I had to make another variable that increased in correlation to the y-vel. It was pretty difficult to make. :)
Development time: about 2 days (a lot of the code remained the same from -PixelShip-, which took 3 days to make)


- reduced lag
- increased scroll precision for the objects
- combined some scripts under one hat block
- added a jetpack!
- added effects to the jetpack when the game ends! :D
- enhanced the intro
- added 2 more jetpacks! Yay!

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