GoldenPixel RPG v0.2.10

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Left & Right=move, S=run, Up=jump, Down=interaction, Click=other interaction, A=punch. The grey box is your inventory, which shows you all the items you have.

0.2.10 - 20/09/14

0.2.9f - 30/07/14
Finished off Skeleton Boss death sequence - it's amazing!

0.2.9e - 21/07/14
The Skeleton Boss is pretty much finished!!! :D
Hopefully fixed the dreaded glitch of blurry sprites and all sorts of nonsense that everyone hates that ruined this game for months!

0.2.9d - 11/07/14 (TOO MANY BUGS)
Fixed soooo many bugs!! Over 20 at least! Layering and timing and doors and the purple dust door stuff and more!
Improved all the quests a bunch - play and see the difference. Now you have to press down at the characters and I also improved what they say, when they say it, and made them able to repeat what they said. It's great!
Did some work on the skeleton boss. Improved on the AI a bit. Also, added health and you can now kill it!

0.2.9c - 07/07/14
Fixed many many more bugs to do with layering, doors, inventory, and much more that I can't remember
Replaced being hit graphic with white outline

0.2.9b - 19/06/14
Fixed many, many bugs to do with doors and layers and the inventory slate and transitions and the player and other stuff
Added a "Golden Pixel" logo to the start screen
Fixed blurred sprites if you press buttons (instructions in-game)
Improved on the first quest a lot. Now you must press the down arrow to interact and stuff!

0.2.9a - 30/05/14 (THE MUSIC IS FINALLY FIXED)
Fixed a few bugs with enemies and cactuses and aagh!
Added inventory space and adjusted items such as the hat to fit in there
Added new RPG graphic at start screen
I've taken a big break, I know, but I've finally fixed a lot of music bugs an I re-wrote the music on-off system which was previously the glitchiest thing in the entirity of existence! BUT IT'S WORKING SMOOTHLY NOW SO YEEEAH!
I still haven't added music to all areas yet, but I will in future

0.2.8c - 01/05/14
Nearly finished the new music system, but for now music is temporary disabled
Fixed some position bugs in the Boat pt6 hopefully :)
Moved some scripts to separate blank sprites

0.2.8b - 30/04/14 (Note: all this didn't just happen on this one day)
Fixed some glitches that I made accidentally while commenting (by accidentally deleting code and not noticing :O)
Started working on a newer, better music on/off system.
Removed a couple of unneccesary bits of code
Organised the code a bit
Removed the big notification about the minigame in the Stage Room

0.2.8 generally - 11/04/14 to present (In the Finals; Commenting)
I'm Commenting the code of my game as, from what I understand, the judges will be looking through the code of my game for commenting in the finals. This is going to take a while Pssht! 928 scripts ain't stoppin' me!

0.2.7a - 13/03/14 (Little Added Touches!)
Worked on the "Final" Boss battle:
Fixed some bugs with the skeleton boss's shooting AI
Made shooting AI more realistic & experimented with randomizers
Added player following AI
Smoothened the player following AI
Added background of inside the boss battle!
Added an optional way to experience the Beta version of the skeleton boss, with yes/no options. This was very buggy at first, but now it should be just FINE
Fixed a bug where you couldn't see text in a few places
Fixed a couple of music bugs
Fixed a couple of layering bugs

0.2.5b - 8/03/14 (Wheel Of Fortune - REVISITED :D)
Removed having to type to accept/reject/glitch out the Wheel Of Fortune in the castle
Added clickable options for Wheel Of Fortune instead (and fixed some bugs that came with them, too!) And I kept the ability to glitch it out!
Made text from quest #2 visible above music and volume options
Fully fixed bug in Desert 5 where you couldn't move foreward
Fixed a load of layering bugs in some places

0.2.5a - 6/03/14 (Start of the final boss!)
I figured that if I'm not working on this as much as I used to, I might as well get this finished - once and for all! It's been a great few months! Thanks!
Fixed a bug in Desert 5!
Made some awesome starts on the final boss battle AI mechanism!

0.2.3d - 17/02/14
Added entrance to cabin of skeleton boss.

0.2.3c - 13/02/14
Added 3rd skeleton & start to next stage

0.2.3b - 9/02/14
Fixed bug where it only took away €15 instead of €25 when you buy a x1 Strength in the Desert Shop
Added lots of fun awesome BGM! Not complete, though :/
Added stuff for the third quest
Fixed lag at Boat pt3
Added unlock of next area (but not the next area itself) when you defeat the skeletons
Fixed infinite coins and health at Boat pt4

0.2.3a - 8/02/14 (BGM pt1)
Added quest to defeat skeletons that took over the boat

Notes and Credits

Won the National Scratch Competition Ireland in my age category! :D
-<[{Fight monsters, complete quests, earn coins, buy or win upgrades, conquer castles, play minigames and unlock levels and defeat bosses in my work-in-progress game!}]>-
-<[LATEST ADDITIONS]>- Beach, Boat, Top Hat, Options, Volume, Video, Skeletons, The "Final" Boss AI, more...

-<[DISCLAIMER]>- Some SFX in this project are taken from Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Zelda Ocarina of Time, and belong to Nintendo. Music used in starting screen: Starfish (by Savant). Music used in tutorial and stage 1: Waves Wash Over Me (by TechnoAXE). Music in castle: Night In The City (Pad). Music in stage select: Unknown Mystery ( -- that's literally the official name for it)

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