Wordsmith 2

by Wes64
See inside

Space - confirm / select
Arrow keys - move cursor

In this game you create words and battle them.

To create a word, select "create" and type a word using english letters. The maximum length is 16 characters. In order to be fair, please use real words.

To edit your team, select "team". The words on the right hand side of the screen are your team. Select "swap" to move words to and from the team.

There are two battle modes - "training" and "challenge". You will have to train words before you can challenge, as the challenge words are always more powerful than your own. There are eight challenges to defeat. Once you defeat challenges, you gain the ability to make more words.

In battle, you will get +1 Points every turn. Your points are represented by the blue bar in the top left. You spend Points to perform actions like Attack or a special technique. If you defend, you will get an extra point.

Notes and Credits

Sorry I haven't shared stuff in a while - I've been doing work, but not producing anything worthy of sharing.

Each word has different statistics and techniques. You are welcome to share words you like to use.

In order to save your file, you MUST REMIX THE GAME FIRST. Then you can play the remixed version and save it whenever you like. I ask that you not share any save files because then people can cheat.

I claim ownership of all graphics used in this project except for the vector letters. I claim fair use of all sounds in the project.

sequel to: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/2821756/

The team I used to beat the game was CHLOROFORM (41), SKUNK (40), FERROUS (62), LASCIVIOUS (39), SKYLARKS (56), and DCCFFFFFFFFFFFFF (41).

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