A Rather Curious Cavern Creature

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Click the lil' green stalactite.

Notes and Credits (added by Crypticlassified)

This is my entry to @ScratchStangs pixel challenge.
This is a creature known as a droodlewump that dwells in dark caves and caverns, hundreds of feet underground. Nobody knows why it was named droodlewump, but most suspect the droodle part came from a misspelling of the creature's discoverer's name, Edward V. Drodle, and the wump part came from the sound the creature makes when startled by wildebeests. The wumping of a droodlewump can't be triggered by any other known animal. The strange thing about this is that droodlewumps are rarely startled by wildebeests, since wildebeests are scarce underground. The vast majority of droodlewumps don't come to the surface, to be startled by wildebeests or for any other reason, despite hating the damp, dark spaces of underground. Their feet are ineffective when it comes to digging and equally useless for climbing, so they can't even go to the surface on their own if they want to, which they do. The droodlewump has been studied by scientists for both of these strange phenomenons. Researchers everywhere try, and fail, to unlock the secrets of this creature. Why do droodlewumps not wump at non-wildebeests? Why did they start living underground despite hating it there? Why do they have to be such whiny complainers about it? Why are the scientists acting hypocritical by being whiny complainers about not unlocking the whiny, complaining droodlewump that they judge's secrets? Why am I still typing down these questions? What's the name of the song in this project? It's "Pookatori and Friends" by Kevin MacLeod. Welp, that's one question answered.

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