Undertale AU Generator

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Undertale AU Generator

Click on the green flag to generate an Alternate Universe.

This is but a text engine demonstration project, so don't expect quality content.

Notes and Credits

Font: "04b03" by 04
Text Engine: "N.T.E." by Hex4Nova
Original Game: "UNDERTALE" by Toby Fox

=== Minor bug fix (23 Mar) ===
* Story locations will now properly display.

=== Reddit update (18 Mar) ===
+ You can now also hit space to generate a new AU.
+ Added 4 new character descriptions.
+ Added 8 more story locations.
+ Added Toby as a new character.

=== Minor bug fix (30 Oct) ===
* Fixed a bug where an extra letter is typed after the first line if the AU generation is aborted midway.

=== Phosphorus update (22 Oct) ===
+ You can now also click anywhere on the screen to generate a new AU. This update will enable mobile usage via Phosphorus.
* Changed thumbnail. It's not very different so you may not have noticed, but I changed it.

=== Meme update (19 Feb) ===
+ Added 14 more character descriptions, most of which are based on memes. h e c k i n g a e s t h e t i c m e m e s .

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