Platformer Tutorial

See inside

Read this!!! it will tell you where to find the script!
Also, I know there is a glitch on the last level! please do not comment unless you can fix it!
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I decided to make this project because projects like this were really helpful when I made my first platformer. I tried to make it as informing as possible about the coding, as well as everything else, but please comment any questions you have or anything I should add.

click on the character you want to use, then the rest of the tutorial is like a platformer. use the arrow keys to move. Click see inside to see the different scripts I used. Other than that just press the green flag!

I have explained the platformer script inside. go to the one under "when I recieve: begin platformer", and read about the different parts of the script. The other ones are variants of the first one, so I only explained the parts that make them different.

Notes and Credits

Art and Ideas by me
Coding by me, with some parts of the scripts taken from @fireball123, @cypher123, and @griffpatch.
I put these parts together with mine to make as smooth of a script as I could
Music is Spring in my Step by silent partner

Give me credit if you use anything from this, please.
comment links to any projects you made with this tutorial, I'd love to see them!

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