Faded (Animation)

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After four days, this turned out pretty good. I even started a comic that you get to preview at the end of this animation! (Also, the animation/drawings aren't very good because I had to work as fast as I could before school started).

Jasmine is a blue cat, and she doesn't know why. She falls in love with Ebony when he gives her a flower and disappears. She looks all over for him, but she is caught off guard and strong winds blow her into the ocean. She sinks to the city of Atlantis where she wakes up and discovers she's a mermaid. With all this seeming so unreal, Jasmine can't decide whether she's dreaming or it is all real. And if it is a dream, is Ebony a dream, too?

While viewing the pictures at the end, click the pictures to go to the next one.

Notes and Credits

Song: Faded by Alan Walker
Inspiration: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/112570144/
Claw idea from @Sariahscratch

Jasmine was originally a glitch who finds love but was taken away from the system and destroyed.

OH WOW! I was confused why I had so many messages on this game until I went on the front page and saw my game curated by @MadhaviNori. Thanks so much everyone!

EVEN MORE WOW! Top loved? This is insane!

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