Enlightened - Platformer (100% Pen)

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Welcome to Enlightened, a unique platformer in which you have to use lights in order to find your way through a pitch-black cave. You must use what you can see to see what you cannot.


-Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. (Hold up to jump higher!)
-Press "P" to pause. -Press "R" to restart. (If you get stuck in a wall)
-Press "H" to toggle high-quality lights. (Starts off) (Can cause lag)
-Press "T" to toggle draw-text mode. When on, this will draw text instead of stamping it. (Starts off) (Can cause lag)

What the community is loving 2/1/17 - 2/6/17. Thanks so much!
Loved and favorited by @speakvisually Yay! :-)

- @Jamohyperturbopro and @TheLogFather for their triangle filling engine. It works infinitely faster than anything I could do.

- @djpro for his incredible pen text engine. His engine was three times faster than anything else I could find. He had the only engine fast enough for this project. Enlightened couldn't exist without it.

- @griffpatch for the platformer tutorial. Even though I didn't use his actual scripts, he taught me how to create a ton of the features I use in this project. (Wall jumping, slopes slow movement, etc.)

-The Undertaker's Daughter Instrumental by steampianist (Sound) This song fits perfectly with this game, and it's also just a great song in general.

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