Bunny Popsicle Creator

by naimora
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Notes and Credits

I am... so unbelievably happy right now. Thank you so much for all those who suggested this to be featured! Thank you to the scratch team members who allowed this to be featured!
Thank you so much!!
I won't be able to reply to all of your comments, (maybe I will... idk)
Thank you so much!!! I hope you enjoy! Gonna stop typing now... xD

NOTE: The reason your code might not work is because you did not write down all the numbers.
The digit zero in the code is very important! (even if its at the end)

Disclaimer: This is not how you actually make popsicles.
Whew... this project took forever to make... (and a lot of procrastinating)

This is self-explainable.
Click X to go back to the menu at any time.. (just fyi... it does not save your progress in "design" mode)
When you're at that decorating part (when you can choose eyes/mouth/blushes) click space when you're done. If you're not done, don't click that sign. Otherwise... click the sign. (you will understand when you get to that part)
If the project seems to be malfunctioning... reload (at your own risk)
And don't click fullscreen unless you know your computer can handle it...

If you have any questions, comment below.
Also, followers, check out the thank-you note I left for you guys...

This project will probably take forever to load... (around 900 assets)
and the animation in this project isn't that great either... still practicing animating.
Show me some of your bunny popsicles using the code feature! :)

I actually wanted to make a thank-you project since I reached 250 followers, but I took so long that by the time I got this shared... I have over 300.. (1 day after writing this) or... 350 followers now...
Sorry about the late thank-you.. :/
Anyways... I was surfing google and found this cute bunny popsicle image. (look inside to see it)
And I'm just like "I must draw this" Originally it was going to be another speed draw, but then... I felt like I should challenge myself coding-wise. (definitely a challenge)
So that's how I got inspired. Hope the project loaded by now... :)
(my favorite animal is not the bunny.. but bunnies are cool
and surprisingly.... I'm not a big fan of popsicles either)
Sorry that some color options aren't available... let's just ignore that fact...

(there's some small glitches... let's just all agree to ignore them... xD)
There also seems to be a glitch in like the commenting or something... A lot of people seem to have their code turn into x's?
Anyways... if you put x's into the load bar... the game will glitch and show you these "Done? Click Here" buttons... partially because the code reader I programmed cannot read letters... It can only read numbers. :/

@smartcutecandy "[the x glitch] is something that Scratch does because it thinks you're commenting a phone number. Just add spaces in between each number or add a few extra ones to post your code without it x-ing it out. :)"

Some of my popsicles:
778741717116 (ninja)
111717112 (random popsicle)
272741717051 (unhappy bee)
778741705055 (mad ninja)
625341717114 (rainbow bunny)

Make sure there are only numbers... (very important)
Spaces will make the "load" process glitch...

Featured: March 16th, 2017

~ Music: Vexento - Trippy Love
~ Art/Programming/Animation: @naimora

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