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Quick Q&A:

Q: Didn't @moonshineme host this map?! Why did you put it together?!
A: I asked Moony if she'd like my help to put it together. She did all the hosting and made sure this beautiful map was even able to be put together!

Q: Hey, this skipped some of my part!
A: oops, that means your part was too laggy and was running over the time it had to be finished. The whole thing is inside, but it will not play when the next person's part should be starting. Maybe try using turbo mode for a little bit!

Q: Who were the animators?
A: here are the amazing animators that made this possible! If you liked their art/animation how about shooting them a few favorites and a follow?
part.1/intro @Fur-Fox
.part.2 @Wolfe133
.part.3 @IllusionsDragon
.part.4 @MergoatOfTheSea
.part.5 @tallwinds
.part.6 @Kitten_Crafts
.part.7 @Wavestar101
.part.8 @potatoes123123
.part.9 @flirtinq
.part.10 @Miaowthecat7090
.part.11 @catcat800
.part.12 @55fingers
.part.13 @55fingers
.part.14 @redtrueblue
.part.15 @-PigeonPotato-
part.16 @PIXELmo
.part.17 @PIXELmo
.part.18 @Gabbyxx
.part.19 @Pesper
.part.20 @-Inky
.part.21 @-Inky
.part.22 @lilystar5992
.part.23 @MydniteSpyder
.part.24 @-Mazey-
.part.25 @stormhawk13
.part.26 @_WolfHowl_
.part.27 @AmberOrange
.part.28 @IcyWolf77101
.part.29 @vexatios
.part.30 @Gingerthecat4
.part.31 @MergoatOfTheSea
.part.32 @-Whisker-
.part.33 @-kittycxtz-
.part.34 @moonshineme
.part.35 @DuskRaven
.part.36 @LunaShadow
.part.37 @fluffypup250
.part.38 @-KittyShark-
.part.39 @-KittyShark-
.part.40 @Blufoxee
.part.41 @LuckyCatCake
.part.42 @Ask_Moonstar
.part.43 @america06409
.part.44 @MergoatOfTheSea
.part.45 @jriquelme01
.part.46/outro @jriquelme01

Notes and Credits (added by -KittyShark-)

The outcome of this was absolutely stunning, i'm so happy to have played a part in it!

Please go follow @moonshineme, who did all the hosting. I just put it together!

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