Neapolitan's Ice Cream

See inside

Use the arrow keys or a PicoBoard to move an ice cream cone so that the correct permutation of chocolate, vanilla, and/or strawberry - and the occasional money bag - lands atop it, so that your money (a.k.a. your score) will increase.

See the in-game instructions for more info.

Notes and Credits

Featured on front page by Scratch Team 11-2-2010 via @lilacfuzz101

Top 10 Scoreboard
1. @74potions- 593
2. @FlexiStudio- 569
3. @lollyman689- 563
4. @MataKnightFlare...-467
5. @pannulaa1- 441
6. @topwelkster11- 438
7. @reubenisadog- 426
8. @fishergirl2- 425
8. @yoshi-fan-425
9. @justinman13- 424
10. @padowandan- 399

Updates since v1.0:
1. Credits updated
2. Now works okay online
3. Made cone slide
4. Instructions edited
5. Checker no longer see-through
6. FIXED: appearing wheel glitch
7. FIXED: Ice cream caught below cone glitch
8. Ice cream cone picture edited
9. Non-compressed sounds/images online
10. PicoBoard control
11. Cone&cream better graphics
12. Instructions now mention PicoBoard compatibility
13. FIXED: double catch glitch
14. FIXED: the cone can move again
15. FIXED: taking advantage of cloning, two sensor bars no longer appear if the stop sign is pressed
16. Switched where the two music tracks play
17. FIXED: surrounded score with more green and not a hole
18. New title screen music! Doop dop doop da dop
19. New cloud stored high score!
20. Reverted back to old music and old high score *shudder*
21. Higher quality / different recording of "neapolitan ice cream song"
22. FIXED: "I didn't order that" sound not playing
23. FIXED: Ice cream not landing on the cone, AGAIN. hopefully this time the fix is permanent

Planned features:
to use the new username block and cloud variables to implement an in-game scoreboard (if you're on the current scoreboard below, your scores will be migrated to the new one :) )
to use a new, hand-drawn font (this is necessitated by the new scoreboard but will also affect every other letter in the game)
to have more satisfying graphics for whenever you complete a cone
to have prettier graphics when the ice cream scoops appear/disappear at the edge of the screen

If you liked this game, then you may like ICECREAM WAR, a game made by @pannulaa1 using sprites from this game:

Thanks for playing, and don't forget to love-it if you love it!


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