Project OJ (Unfinished RPG w.i.p)

See inside

Hold B to run.
Move with Arrow keys.
Interact with A.

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Notes and Credits

The character you'll be playing as is Coster. By the time you reach the second battle, the game won't be able to allow you to progress since it's unfinished.

I do not own any of the music used in this, and I encourage you all to support the source on where the music came from.
This was last worked on around 2016 October-December.
I am still interested on your thoughts on this old project. Feel free to express yourself in the comment section, and please avoid any arguments and other unnecessary.

(This is old and I am aware that this may be considered unplayable by others. This is only to show an old game I've worked on by myself.
I hope you may still find enjoyment or entertainment out of this.
This game is inspired by Mario & Luigi, Undertale, and Mother/earthbound. The majority of the music being put in use are soundtrack from Mother 3. Everything here was programmed and designed by me. If anyone is wondering, yes I've improved since this.)

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