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P.S. I have a new outro now :D It may be my final one before retirement.
You can click my face at the end to change Bobby's expression.

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Notes and Credits

Didn't expect this now, did ya?
Yeaaaah. Neither did I, til about several hours ago .3.

12/27/16: Wow.... 2000+ views. Thank you all SO much for this :')
12/28/16: This project... has reached 4,000. Oh my god.... o.o
1/3/17: 12,000+... geez guys, you're gonna give me a heart attack.

This is an animation of a random improv recording I did while doing most possibly one of the worst Mario impressions ever in history.
(Improv: Acting out a scene or character without a script prepared beforehand. That's why I stutter a bit in this)

★ Funtastic Facts:
~ There's an extra recording clip within the project of what Mario would say after Bobby walked away. To save myself some time and effort, I decided not to animate that and leave it be.
~ I used a LOT of sources from google images to help me visualize part of this animation (ex: Spaghetti, Macaroni, Krusty Krab, Weegee, etc)
~ This was inspired by a Newgrounds animation called "Mario's Restaurant"
~ I seem to have confused restaurants with shops in the recording. Oh well :P

★ Music used:
~ [SMB2 - Mario + Vegetables ~ SupraDarky
~ Future (Part 2) - Bipolar Sunshine

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