Jetpack Joyride 2

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See inside

Hold space/click to go up, release to go down.

I'm probably not going to update this anymore, check out my newer projects!


:O frontpaged 3.19.2014 or earlier

The high score is on the bottom right on the title screen.

The costumes are glitching up! The explosion dust and missile went missing for a while!

Notes and Credits (added by taylorpark)

Notes and Credits
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A simple recreation of the main game with zappers and coins. It took me a while to do. I used some sprites from Aviously's version. Specifically, the background and zappers. I edited them both, and the zapper script is made from scratch.

UPDATE: changed the scripts so they speed up properly. Added missiles ^_^

UPDATE: Added a simple title saying "Press space to start" and the jetpack room, or whatever its called.

UPDATE: Made the explosion at the start look and sound super awesome!

UPDATE: Finally added the bouncing! Also added a "play again" button.

UPDATE: Simply halved the zapper spawn rate for everyone.

UPDATE: Added mouse funtionality and *drumroll* no more zappers passing through coins! Play again button got screwed up, though

UPDATE: Fixed the play again button...and another glitch appeared. -.- if you die and then hit a zapper, Barry freezes in midair and keeps going. Luckily this stops the high score so it can't be exploited.

aviously's version wuz here ;-;

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