Five Nights at eribetra (Alpha 0.490)

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Move the mouse to look around (I tried my best), put the cursor over the camera to toggle it, flashlight button for the flashlight, the taser button for the taser (doesn't do anything aside from a taser following your mouse), and keep an eye on that music box!

Feel free to check out Two Nights at Puppet's, by @vitdutra123, my brother!

1/14/2017: 50 views? Thank you so much!
6/02/2018: 130 views!!!

Notes and Credits

Eribetra's Pizza Palace was an amazing pizzeria, with animatronics and lots of pizza. But sadly, it went bankrupt, and you are a security guard whose job is to protect the place from criminals.

FNAE is finally revealed! Well, in an very early alpha form...

Just one animatronic yet, just basic cameras and flashlight.

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December 23, 2016: Alpha 0.4 - Initial release
December 24, 2016: Alpha 0.42 (No, this alpha is not the meaning of life) - The Puppet, or "The Kittenet"
December 25, 2016: Alpha 0.44 - Another camera added
December 27, 2016: Alpha 0.45 - Added static in cameras and added the fan
December 31, 2016: Alpha 0.47 - Made most things disappear when jumpscared and made The Puppet look scarier
January 11, 2017: Alpha 0.473 - Added Options menu so now you can toggle static and jumpscares
January 15, 2017: Alpha 0.487 - Fixed bug where the Pop Goes the Weasel music stops when another camera was changed or when the camera was flipped down, and... AI? Don't freak out though, it goes only to one camera.
January 8, 2018: Alpha 0.490 - It's been an year, and STILL nearly nothing has changed (probably because I left it untouched and forgot about it), aside from the fact that if you put the camera down, and then bring it up again, it stays on the same camera (a revisited idea from a failed attempt in mid-late 2017), a new logo, some design changes and some deletion of unnecessary sounds and custom blocks to help diminish the file size.

Credit to:
Scott Cawthon for FNaF

1/15/2017: 100 assets! Yay!

Fun Fact: This project is my largest ever! Although this isn't too good, since it'll take longer to load, and it'll take more space...

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