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Use up and down to move forward or back, use left and right to turn. Touch the icons to get information on them and use W, S, and X to go between rooms. Learning things will cause you to gain more brain cells and watching TV will decrease them. (Just a fun feature I added.)

NOTE: Since the reaction text is cut off, here is the full text:

Reactivity is how easy an element reacts to another element. If you have a low number of electrons (1,2) or a high number of electrons (7-8), it will be very easy for the element to react. However, if the element has an in between number of electrons (3-7) the element will have a hard time trying to react. If an element has 8 valence electrons, it will not be able to react.

Notes and Credits

Made with Scratch from MIT and using royalty free music from Kevin MacLeod.

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